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Our Mission:


We foster cross-cultural relationships through inspiring, equipping, and connecting young leaders throughout the African diaspora.


Our Programs

We have several programs that include the Ambassadors Program, Global Cities Cultural Exchange Programs, and Cultural Competency Workshops.


Ambassadors program

The Black Beyond Borders Ambassadors Program is a semester to year-long leadership program that gives travelers a chance to share their unique experiences with others on campus and through our online platform. With stories and pictures, you, the traveler, play a critical role in not only expanding the brand of Black Beyond Borders, but also telling the adventures of Black travelers that often go untold. It is expected that you will advocate and encourage other students of the African diaspora to study and travel abroad. Additionally, this program will ensure that you think critically about your time abroad, increase network at your home/abroad institution, and advance your communication and creativity skills. It is our hope that you truly enjoy your experience during the length of the program.

Global Cities Cultural Exchange Program: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Venture to Zona Colonial, one of the first colonized neighborhoods in the “Americas,” to discover the unwritten histories and complex realities that the diverse population of the Dominican Republic faces. Global Visionary Fellows  uncover the connections that exist in this central African Diasporic Community.

Global Cities Cultural Exchange Program: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Embark on an international exchange experience to engage with Afro-Argentineans in a racially/ethnically conscious safe space. Global Visionary Fellows will explore the intricacies of identity,  the African Diaspora community history and development, and social responsibility minority travelers.  

Cultural Competency Wokrshops 

In a one-to-two hour session, work with BBB co-founders to discover the lens through with you see culture and learn about the steps to prepare to travel about. We conduct workshops with students of all ages and organizations.


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