Black Beyond Borders Ambassadors Program

What is the Black Beyond Borders Ambassadors Program?

The Black Beyond Borders Ambassadors Program was established in 2015 as semester to year-long leadership program that gives travelers a chance to share their unique experiences with others on campus and through our online platform. With stories and pictures, you, the traveler, play a critical role in not only expanding the brand of Black Beyond Borders, but also telling the adventures of Black travelers that often go untold. It is expected that you will advocate and encourage other students of the African diaspora to study and travel abroad. Additionally, this program will ensure that you think critically about your time abroad, increase network at your home/abroad institution, and advance your communication and creativity skills. It is our hope that you truly enjoy your experience during the length of the program.

What is the difference between an On-Campus Ambassador and a Study Abroad Ambassador?

The answer is in the name! As an On-Campus Ambassador, your primary role is facilitating the growth of a Black Beyond Borders chapter on your college campus. From chartering the organization to running meetings, is it your job to engage the student body and activate BBB's mission at your institution. On the other hand, a Study Abroad Ambassador is enrolled on a study abroad program. While abroad, you will contribute bi-weekly blog posts and engage with other students of the African diaspora abroad.

What are the requirements?

  • On-Campus Ambassador must have previous abroad experience
  • Undergraduate or graduate student
  • Study Abroad Ambassador must be traveling during a winter session, summer session, semester abroad or longer
  • Attend monthly BBB Ambassadors virtual chat sessions
  • Complete pre/mid/post surveys


"If you’re studying abroad, I highly suggest you apply to be a Black Beyond Borders Ambassador. Being able to take the time to actually reflect on your journey is so rewarding! Because you’re in a new environment, you may find yourself constantly on the go. However, being an Ambassador gives you time to think, internalize what you’re doing/experiencing and blog about it. Because of this, I have been able to see my personal growth and the array of cultural differences that I’m surrounded by. By writing it down, I also have the memories to last me years from now. I'm able share my story with others and help lessen the fears that keep many people from stepping out and traveling abroad!" - Diamond James, Spring '16 Ambassador



[This experience] meant seeing myself as a world citizen and not as a US citizen. In America, it’s easy to think that we Blacks are last on the totem pole. However, the world loves us, we just have to travel first to realize that. This trip also meant that familiarity comes not just from racial backgrounds, but from our history and experiences.
— BBB Ambassador
Words cannot even articulate. I study abroad in Africa and it was one of the few times where I was in a space where I felt valued and embraced. I have learned about myself and been available.
— BBB Ambassador