Mobile Apps Every Experienced

Traveler Should Have

There are many apps out there that you can take advantage of to monitor flight cost, find a cheap hostel, learn a new language, and do quick and accurate currency conversions. Before you take flight, and once you've reached your destination--if Wifi permits or if your lucky enough to have a data access while abroad--use these apps to enhance your experience.

A screenshot of my mobile applications Delonte uses most frequently to prepare for travel and while abroad.


1. Skyscanner 

Every savvy traveler should have Skyscanner downloaded! It allows you to select a destination, get a compiled list of airlines with the cheapest airfare, and monitor the progress of the prices.

2. Hopper

This is one of the best apps out there right now! It allows you to select a destination and then Hopper evaluates airline ticket prices to predict price changes and determines the best time to purchase the flight. It also notifies you when prices fluctuate for a selected itinerary. 


3. Hipmunk

Another good app to use to search flight prices is Hipmunk. It has a slightly different layout. You can use the bottom navigation tools to compare prices by airline. Be sure to also select fare alerts for when prices increase or drop.