Our Black Is Still Beautiful

Black women from the States their question for me is always the same: “Have you found someplace to get your hair done”? It’s been almost two months since I’ve been here and I still don’t have an answer. This void becomes a struggle that affects part of our identity. India Arie seems to think we are not our hair, yet our hair is an important part of what makes Black women unique and beautiful.

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Unpacking Diamond James

As I set up my new space, I realized this is real – I am actually here and actually doing this. I have never been this far away from my family. I am the first in my family to go college, as well as the first to journey beyond the United States. Yet, in that moment, I couldn’t be proud of these accomplishments and see the momentous occasion in a positive light. The only thing on my mind was how I am for the first time incapable of taking a 2-hour drive back to my home on the weekends.


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