Diop's Eight Essentials for Travel

1.      CNN Journal

Whether you are traveling domestically or internationally, each state or country comes with different experiences. It is important to document them all in a journal, so when you want to share a story with someone or just want to reminisce on the trip you had, you have something to refresh your memory.  $5

2.      Drawing pad with pencils

If you are and artist like myself sometimes you may not want to document an experience you just had by writing it in your journal. The journal and drawing pad are both used document experiences. However the drawing pad gives you visual interpretation of the experience. $5

3.      U.S Passport/travel wallet

When traveling it is important to have photo identification. A travel wallet is great to have so you can organize your money. It is also a great place to put your Charles Schwab debit card.

4.      Apple headphones

Apple headphones are small and easy to fold for packing, but headphones are no use without the appropriate playlist. On an international trip you can catch me listening to Esperanza Spalding, Jay-Z, Common, Nick Hakim and others. Having the appropriate headphones and a perfect playlist can make your trip that much better. $25

5.      Macbook Air 11 inch

My Macbook goes with me everywhere! Having my Macbook at my side allows me to do work, download pictures from my camera and take notes wherever I'm at. The Macbook air is small and easy to store in my Hershel bag also easy to carry. ** Add a tracking device to your laptop or tablet when abroad.

6.      Bose Speaker

The Bose Speaker is a great investment. Great piece to get any party started. All you need is your phone or laptop to link up to the Bose speaker via Bluetooth or headphone port. Show your family and friends how to have a good time. $100

7.      Nike flyknit sneakers/Sanuk slippers

These Nike Fly-knit running sneakers are comfortable stylish sneakers, great for long walks in any city. Sanuk slippers cost 40 dollars at any outdoors store. These slipper are great to where on the plane, easy to take off and put back on in security check lines. $120

8.      Nikon travel size camera

When traveling it is important to always document experiences. A camera is a great to tool to use to show family members and friends where you been and what you've seen. Also Nikon will allow you to post to Instagram and Facebook friends while overseas, as long you are in an area to access wifi. $250

9.   GQ magazine

10. Ray Ban sunglasses

11. Timex watch/ Morehouse College polo

12. Vaseline coco butter lotion

13. Cuban Cigar

14.  Five cokes 

***All of these things can be packed in you carry on

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