Delonte's Eight Essentials for Travel


This card is great option when traveling abroad because the bank does not charge international transaction fees and it also reimburses you for all ATM fees. I swipe with the freedom and confidence as if I were back home in the U.S.


Have a dedicated place to write down thoughts when exploring new boundaries. I’ve heard that “writing is thinking” so journaling helps me better think and understand what I am experiencing in unfamiliar territory. It’s also great to look back on great memories that get caught up in the hassles of everyday life. Lastly, it’s a wonderful way to measure internal growth that comes through overcoming challenges that travel often presents. 


Music. Seems like a given, but I really need my phone for my playlists for when I’m on the plane and all the great travel apps I use. You're probably wondering what type of music I listen to now...

I'll start off with Trap. It gets me pumped to get my journey started.

Then I'll move to Cumbia. It's one of the genres of music my friends in Argentina got me listening to when I studied abroad there.

Next, I'll listen to anything Nigerian R&B or Hip Hop. As I am half Nigerian, it's just something about those beats that keep my inner excitement going about arriving to my destination, new or old.

It probably shouldn't be last on my list, but Gospel. When I'm trying to focus on my work, get rest, or fall asleep (especially on long haul flights), having some time with the good Lord always helps.

Can't forget Instagram­. The iPhone camera does all the essentials nowadays. I have thousands of photos of my phone. I occasionally feel an urge to stroll down memory lane threw camera lane and remind myself of all the memorable moments I’ve made through travel. And don't we all feel the urge to flex one time for the gram with an amazing photo?

4. VANS 

The go­-to shoes I wear when I travel. I own a pair that are red and laceless that easily go on and off when I go through airport security. Also, even though planes are kind of dirty, after 2-­3 hours in the air, my feet want a break so I just kick them off under the seat.


While I was in CapeTown, SA, exploring Old Biscuit Mill (a hip Sunday market with great international foods and products), I came across a brand called MatBlac. There was this amazing all-in-one travel wallet--mind you I had been on the search for a nice one that allows me to hold up to two passports (for when I get dual-citizenship one day), has a dedicated flight ticket pocket, as well as dedicated spaces for currency. It was all around just a sexy wallet, and I wish it were available to purchase online. I hate having to travel and keeping track of plane tickets, cash, my passport, receipts, and whatever else. This is truly a functional answer to what I am looking for.

6. GUM

I only like to chew Trident. My ears have a knack for popping and sometimes the pain runs down to my neck. Actively chewing to help keep the pressure from building up helps.


Paco Rabanne 1 million and Ralph Lauren Polo Red


Who doesn't love good bass in their music?