The SuperRich Kid


"Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer."  Anonymous

 In response to curiosity of why I love to travel, I respond with “travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” I continue with the explanation that my wealth is not determined by material goods, but rather by the experiences and knowledge that I gain from opening my mind to different people, cultures, and places. My wealth is a product of my determination, curiosity to learn, experiences, and courage to break my borders.

Black people – and all people of color for that matter – have been told that they can't. They have been mentally restricted to the borders of their own city or neighborhood. These ideas were systematically placed to restrict our global curiosity and excitement to obtain knowledge. When I think of travel, I think of my ancestors. I belong to a strong lineage of people who were forced out of their home, yet also traveled by will and curiosity. I am continually inspired by people like Victor H. Green, the author of the The Negro Motorist Green Book, who wrote a travel guide for African-Americans during a time where their company was not accepted by most. Green set a goal to encourage black travel, and created this book so that African Americans could understand that even in the midst of racism and bigotry, it would not hinder the mobility of blacks. He emphasized that the restriction of the black travel is dangerous. We are told that travel is for the white person, and that it is prohibited for blacks to look beyond their horizons. The black experience across borders attributes to the wealth in the diverse African- American culture of. Our richness is in our skin, our heritage, our daringness, our excellence, and our courage. When one travels the idea of wealth is redefined. To be rich is not equivalent to material wealth, but a lucrative spirit. As I have traveled, and as I reflect on the many encounters that I have had, I realized that my wealth lies in family, love, selflessness, and determination. The black woman and man should have a hunger to go beyond their borders, unapologetically and without hesitation.    

The most beautiful and valuable things in life are not tangible. We are rich in our heritage, our values, in love, in knowledge, in our journey to go beyond our limits and allow our minds to embrace the differences this world offers. We truly believe that all we have is what we can see in front of us. The world is constantly changing. Explore your neighborhood and open your eyes beyond sight. Travel is a tool that sharpens minds to be able to compete and thrive globally. You don’t need a fortune, you just need a ticket. My love, ability to grow, my willingness to learn, my understanding of my heritage, and most importantly my pride in my blackness contribute to my wealth. My capability to embrace this, and use it as a tool to understand others, and myself, has given me the advantage to grow, mature, learn, and understand life in so many ways. That, in turn, makes me rich in my ability to extend beyond my comfort zone and explore the world with my body and soul.