[Boundary(less)] Blackness

Brian Kamanzi is a spoken word poet and engineer studying at the University of Cape Town. Kamanzi is committed to the social upliftment of his fellow people. He is a budding Pan-Africanist eager to make contributions to the movement and form cross-cultural connections with others in the struggle.

The drivers of global inequality are synchronised, coordinated, faceless and crucially unthinking.

In order to disrupt such an amorphous encompassing ether it appears reasonable to me to assert that it is incumbent upon us to respond to individual objectification with collective affirmation.

In becoming [Boundary(less)]

We embark on a journey to unravel the threads of separation and open spaces to negotiate how we can re­-imagine our divisions as connections. Through this process we endeavour to heal wounds that are felt in ways that too often go unexpressed - if not suppressed.

Within?.. [Boundary(less)] Blackness, out objectives transcend the question of our survival and we provoke the call "How do we thrive."

We begin to stop asking for permission to exist. We begin to divest from spaces that have crafted laws to protect them from our bodies. We do not need permission to grow and love everything from the hair on our heads to the shades on our skins for which we are continually arbitrarily punished and criminalised.

We move from a position of needing to justify our anguish to one where we construct languages of ascension.


Blackness itself must have boundaries in order to control it.

It must be classed.

It must be gendered. And if at all possible it must be silent.


We can surely no longer continue to plea to unthinking systems that #BlackLivesMatter - No.

Through the pursuit of [Boundary(less)] Blackness we connect the strength and resolve of spirits who already hold this virtue to be true. Now, by shining heralding lights in the direction of one another we find ways of finding each other in the sea of malicious darkness cast over our bodies and their history.

Ours is a quest for liberation, one that can never be fulfilled until each and every one of us becomes [Boundary(less)].


Freedom, they say, is in the struggle. In the spirit of this we march on to our next destination, ready to do the "work." For "Black" will never be free without our preparation.