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Learning to Grow

Though, I expected certain setbacks due to my status as a U.S. citizen, I had no idea how different I would be treated for being a black woman in a fairly homogeneous space. Black Argentinians are typically from northern provinces. Many other individuals immigrate from Central America and other countries in South America. They often work in lower paying jobs, therefore, people assumed I was a maid, a doorkeeper, or a nanny. I was quickly faced with stares and locals questioning as to whether or not I was from countries like Brazil, France, or Angola. They were shocked to hear that I was a student from the United States. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the confidence or maturity to deal with this negativity in a positive way at the time. I chose to stay at home, rather than explore the beautiful country I was in.

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Ariana in Hong Kong

My one piece of advice to college students is to study abroad no matter what your  major is,  especially Black Americans. I believe when traveling abroad, we can’t allow ourselves to get offended by questions and stares because it is such a unique space. You must be patient and willing to answer any and all questions ranging from the ridiculous to the mundane. By doing this, it allows you to become better knowledgeable about another culture and ideals, but also the people of the host nation have a better understand of what it means to be Black American that is not misrepresented by the media.  This is the time when we as Black Americans have to suck up our pride and represent our race, because we may be the first and only Black American that people around the world have had the opportunity  to meet.

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New Beginnings

The most wonderful thing about being seen as exotic in this space is how it has made me feel personally. It demands I embrace my blackness as something that is in fact beautiful and unique. When I walk down the street, people cannot help but stare at me. In the United States, we are persecuted and even slain for being born black, but here we are gold and rare. That is the thing so far that has caused me to slowly fall in love with this place and the people the most. I feel valued here and appreciated by its citizens for allowing me, “la morocha,” to experience this beautiful city.

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